Scan Data Promotions Boost Sales Volume for C-Stores and Build Customer Relationships

Scan Data Promotions Boost Sales Volume for C-Stores and Build Customer Relationships

Scan data rebates have changed the convenience industry seemingly overnight. Driving repeat traffic to the c-store has become the focal point of the successful c-store owner’s mission. With scan data, owners experience a substantial boost in sales volume for products across the board.

How does Scan Data Work for C-Stores?

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How big do I need to be to use Scan Data?

In the past only the larger chains reaped the benefit of brand-funded rewards. Large chains could afford to run their own IT departments, but, historically, the independents were always left behind the technology curve. Today, all independents, no matter the size, can harness scan data to drive repeat traffic and connect with customers. C-Stores on Scan Data programs are giving their competition a run for their money and leveraging scan data has become table stakes for owners seeking to stay competitive.

How does loyalty help my C-Store with sales and repeat purchases?

Unlike loyalty programs of the past, SwiftSku’s Scan Data Program provides customers instant gratification after entering their phone number. Loyalty members not only come back more often, but spend more with each visit than non-loyalty customers. Like Scan Data, brands reimburse owners at the end of each month letting owners keep their entire margins while earning repeat customers.

What else can brand promotions do for my C-Store?

Knowing that price is often the most important factor customers keep in mind when determining where to shop, promotions are a great way to keep customers coming back and telling their friends about you. Promotions are also a proven tactic to increase basket sizes for convenience retailers of all sizes.

What do I need to start on Scan Data?

To get started a scanner is a must. If you have a back office computer, we can perform a remote install, or for better performance, we can send you our IQ module.